Corrine Fuentes epitomizes all that is good in the Pilates field. When Corrine could help me find relief from a sprained neck, after three doctors could not, I knew she really had something special.
— Pattie DiFazio

After surgery, Corrine accompanied me to my final physical therapy session and she and the physical therapist worked together to create a plan that helped me recover more fully.... [ I ] can attribute my quick and complication-free recovery in large part to her help and expertise.
— MaryAnne Adams

I have been a bodyworker for 22 years and my job had changed my posture to the point of pain. Corrine helped me to realize that my neck pain was due to poor shoulder posture and ROM. Just in the short time I have been seeing her (only once a week), my posture in the upper back and shoulders has improved and my neck pain is gone. She taught me how to use my core for safe support during movement and this has remedied my back pain. I confidently refer my clients to her.
— Clare Wargaski
I came to Corrine’s studio as a beginner and benefited from her careful instruction and attentive manner. She is skillful at challenging but not overwhelming her students and helping them achieve their goals with Pilates. She exhibits great great care in ensuring the exercises are performed properly to avoid injury. I always felt safe in her studio.
— Shawn M. Herzinger

I soon learned that Pilates was so very much more than a stretching class, and that Corrine was one of the most knowledgeable instructors I was going to find in this area, or all of New Jersey for that matter.
— Lainey Johns

I began to see Corrine at my local gym and liked my classes so much that I decided to pursue more tailored instruction at her studio.... I am always impressed with how Corrine can see how I can make corrections in my position to make the movement easier.
— Henrietta Gilmore

With Corrine’s guidance I have gotten a great portion of my life back and no longer really worry if my back is going to go out on me and ruin another outing.
— Edward P. Wood

In my private sessions with her she helped me understand what was causing my specific issues and how to alleviate them. My back and neck pains are GONE.
— Deb Thompson

Corrine has a unique and specialized approach that helps me [...] alleviate the symptoms of [Parkinson’s] disease. I highly recommend her and enjoy working with her.
— Al Thompson

After taking a few private Pilates lessons with Corrine I’ve realized the benefits are numerous in various areas. The stretching and strengthening has benefited me in many sports I play such as golf, hockey and snowboarding.
— Shaun Cunningham, Plumber

Corrine is the consummate Pilates professional. She customized a program that delivered the best of what Pilates promises ... I felt the benefits almost immediately... Renewed energy and a significant release of the back strain accumulated over copious hours in front of a computer. I’m definitely one of Corrine’s growing number of loyal followers!
— Liz Beatty, Writer

After many years of back pain and trying various therapies, I recently started Pilates lessons with Corrine. Since we began our sessions some weeks ago, I have had less pain and more flexibility than I can remember.
— Michael Allen, Attorney

Corrine is very professional, knowledgeable and has a wonderful understanding of how the body works. My low pack pain was reduced within a very short time from simply incorporating the Pilates techniques of strengthening and realignment in my daily life.
— Cindy Storey, Registered Massage Therapist and Esthetician

What a difference a good instructor with the proper training makes.... because she is constantly continuing and advancing her training she always bring new and exciting information back to her classes.
— Kathryn Albanese

Having played four years of varsity college athletics my idea of a good workout was an hour of high-impact cardio and a weight lifting regimen. It took a toll on my body. Seven knee surgeries later I was looking for a workout that could relieve stress and still challenge my body without further injuring myself.... My first class with Corrine was an eye opener.
— Francesca DiFazio, Teacher

Corrine’s warm personality and patient teaching style make her classes a pleasure to attend.... Corrine gently pushes you to get the most out of class but always ensuring the class is all about you.
— Sara Klejmont, Counselor

I started class 2 1/2 years ago telling Corrine that ‘I hate pilates’. She smiled at me and thus began a great relationship as she quietly showed me the right ways to move and strengthen my muscles. I had taken pilates from another teacher who didn’t know how to teach beginners. Thus, my original comment. I now LOVE pilates and THANK Corrine for giving me better and better control of my body.
— Carmen Patricola