"Today we know that exercise makes a significant contribution to physical wellbeing. Exercise is particularly important when faced with recovering from many types of injuries or surgery. But when physical therapy isn’t feasible (read limited insurance and/or affordability) and when do-it-yourself exercise is worrisome, how does a patient recover the motor proficiencies they need after surgery or injury?

With a knowledgeable and very skilled instructor, Pilates can be much more than healthy exercise. In the right hands it can be a powerful rehabilitative tool. In conjunction with physical therapy or after a course of physical therapy is completed, enhanced Pilates can speed and help a more complete recovery.

In 2011 I had a laminectomy. The physical therapist was excellent but when that course of treatment was completed, there was still work to be done. Fortunately I had worked with gifted Pilates instructor, Corrine Fuentes. More than a Pilates instructor, she is an educated biomechanics and movement specialist. After surgery, Corrine accompanied me to my final physical therapy session and she and the physical therapist worked together to create a plan that helped me recover more fully.

In 2016 I required a knee replacement. I knew I needed work before the surgery to optimize my recovery. The leg that required the knee replacement needed to be as strong as possible. Limited use of legs puts additional strain on the whole body so a strong core was more vital than ever. Strong arms also became more important. I worked on all those areas with Corrine and can attribute my quick and complication-free recovery in large part to her help and expertise."

- MaryAnne Adams

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