Get Started.

Contact Corrine today to register for a class or to discuss how you can get started with Pilates. It is typically recommended that you start with at least one private session — especially for those recovering from injury — though it is not required.

Before your first visit, please download and print the registration form by clicking below. Arrive a few minutes early for your first class to complete your registration and payment.

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely in all directions. Pilates/yoga pants are ideal but not necessary. Any type of pant that has a bit of spandex or lycra will work. You will want a comfortable shirt that allows for moving freely as well, but one that is not so baggy that it will ride up or get in the way of movement. Pilates is usually done barefoot to allow for optimum balance and to enable footwork to be done properly.

We look forward to seeing you!