What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a method known for its physical and mental conditioning that is performed on a mat or special equipment. The method encompasses more than 500 exercises that simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles. Pilates is based on the principle that before working the peripheral parts of the body, the core needs to be strong and stable. The method is precise exercises for all ages and fitness levels. Developed to challenge both the mind and body, Pilates is recommended and recognized by fitness experts such as athletic trainers and physiotherapists. Pilates helps you sense your whole body during exercise, you feel stimulated, challenged and focused after a workout.

Who Developed Pilates?

Joseph Pilates. Because of his long sufferings as a child from various ailments, Joe committed himself to physical conditioning to overcome his ailments. This led him to become competitive in many sports. By the 1940s his method was notorious to athletes and dancers flocking to his New York City studio. Today devotees include ballerinas, tennis and golf pros as well as football stars. These athletes realize Pilates keeps you in top condition with maximum results.

How Does Pilates Work?

Pilates is effective because it teaches people that quality rather than quantity gets results. Physical changes occur when people begin to understand how their muscles and bones work together. Also understanding that they must work with, not against, their body helps train muscles and joints in efficient body mechanics.

Who Benefits from Pilates?

Pilates promotes physical harmony and balance for people of all ages and physical conditions while providing a refreshing and energizing workout.

If adapted correctly, Pilates based exercises are for just about anybody. Regardless of your current level of fitness – from sedentary to fitness enthusiasts – Pilates can be the primary mode of body conditioning and injury prevention without feeling the stain or jar sometimes felt in traditional exercises.

Physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedists, have recently acknowledged that Pilates can be integrated into rehabilitative exercises and physical therapy programs designed to speed recovery of soft tissue injuries.

To learn proper breathing and body alignment, improve concentration, and recover body shape and tone afterward, Pilates can be used safely by pregnant women.