Reformer Class

Designed by Joseph Pilates, the reformer is a machine based on spring resistance. It has a carriage that moves forward and back along stable rails. For certain exercises, cords with straps for your hands or feet may be added. The reformer challenges you to use your core as you push and pull against the springs. Because Pilates is the “thinking person’s” exercise, and direction on the reformer is key, many report leaving reformer classes with a sense of clarity and focus. Building on key Pilates principals, you will leave the reformer feeling balanced and strong, lengthened and open.

Restorative Reformer

A gentle version of the reformer class modified to be safe for clients with joint issues including arthritis, osteoporosis or injury. Ideal for people just starting an exercise program that need to ease into a routine. Also ideal for pre-hap and post-rehab for joint replacements such as hip or knee.

Essential Oil De-Stress

This class focuses on deep breathing, stretching, and total body relaxation. Experience this uplifting workout enhanced by essential oils. Essential oils have long been known for boosting the immune system, relieving pain and stress, as well as calming and energizing. This class is designed to release mind, body and spirit through exercises and aromatherapy. You will leave knowing you’ve just done a fantastic service for yourself.


Foundations is designed for people new to Pilates. An emphasis on abdominal and back muscles leads to postural realignment, core stability and greater range of movement and flexibility. You will feel your body start to change shape  with even the simplest of exercises. Learning correct breathing enables you to use your lungs at a fuller capacity.

Small Equipment Circuit

The small equipment circuit incorporates different pieces of equipment (bands, weighted ball, foam rollers, rotating disks and body balls) each week to target muscles and build full body strength and flexibility. Different systems of support in the body are emphasized with each piece of apparatus and the training effect is multidimensional in each class.

Core Dynamics

Core dynamics targets abdominal and back muscles for strength, power and flexibility. You will see and feel your “core” get stronger each week and gain a renewed sensation of power through your midriff. You will leave feeling strong and supported from the inside out.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are designed specifically for you. You will have one on one attention with emphasis on precision of movement, correct body placement, proper posture, breathing and control of each move. It is strongly recommended that you do at least one private if you are new to exercise, are rehabilitating from injuries, or are not comfortable in a class setting.

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