My name is Edward Wood. I am 48 years old and suffer from herniated discs from the thoracic section to the sacral section of my spine. I have been an athlete and avid body builder my whole life. Later in life after finishing with organized sports, I began whitewater kayaking, which has become my true passion. I have been kayaking for approximately 12 years. During that time my back had gotten progressively worse. Approximately 5 years ago I came home early from a kayaking outing due to my back going out, just from the simple act of putting on my socks. My wife had been asking me to try Pilates for some time, and now because I was getting around with a walking stick, I thought it was time. I went to see Corrine Fuentes when she had her shop in Clinton, NJ. Need I say more! It is 5 years later and I am still an avid kayaker, an ice climber and I ride mountain bikes. With Corrine’s guidance I have gotten a great portion of my life back and no longer really worry if my back is going to go out on me and ruin another outing. Because of my fitness background I like to understand what I am doing and what the effects are. With Corrine all of my questions are answered. She has taken time to write out personal programs for me to do at home and has taken extra time with me before class. This is the type of instruction and enthusiasm you receive from Corrine. I recently went to an orthopedic surgeon and he informed me if I was not taking Pilates I would be in a lot worse shape.

In my life I have had instruction in playing football, kayaking, ice climbing, martial arts and many other hobbies. The guidance I have received from Corrine is unmatched. She is an excellent teacher. The last thing I will say, and it is very important to anyone who is into fitness, Corrine writes out each class before they begin. This tells me she is just not winging it. There is thought put into each session."

- Edward P. Wood

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