"I had been into physical fitness most of my adult life. I was a runner and always had a gym membership where you could find me almost every morning. I loved exercise and tried most trends that came along. Over the years, I came to recognize a good instructor from a bad one. A good instructor explains her/himself well, so that anyone even a beginner can understand and perform a maneuver accurately. If a person doesn't grasp what the instructor is explaining and demonstrating they can injure themselves or, at the least, get nothing out of what they're doing.

Five years ago, due to a back injury, my ability to exercise was seriously limited. When I could consider exercising again, I decided to try something that could help to strengthen and increase flexibility and balance. It was at that time that Corrine came into my life. She had just moved back to the Hunterdon County area after having lived away for many years, most recently Canada. She was very excited about the Pilates training she had received and felt that it would be beneficial for me. I was a bit hesitant because I had tried Pilates several years before and felt that it was too strenuous for me. After having one lesson with Corrine, I realized that it was not Pilates that was the problem the first time I tried it but a bad instructor. She never explained anything about the importance of the breathing. There was no preparation instruction before starting a pose. She just dove right into the hardest possible exercises and assumed everyone in the class could do it.

What a difference a good instructor with the proper training makes. Corrine explains clearly all the instruction. Her classes flow smoothly and the class varies from week to week so you never get into a boring routine. She uses different equipment and because she is constantly continuing and advancing her training she always bring new and exciting information back to her classes.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Corrine to anyone, whether they were starting exercise for the first time in their life or were a seasoned physical fitness buff looking for something new.

Thank you, Corrine, for introducing me to Pilates and for helping me to get my strength back."

- Kathryn Albanese

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