"Having played four years of varsity college athletics my idea of a good workout was an hour of high-impact cardio and a weight lifting regimen. It took a toll on my body. Seven knee surgeries later I was looking for a workout that could relieve stress and still challenge my body without further injuring myself. When I discovered Pilates by Corrine I knew I had finally found something that could build my core and increase my flexibility without causing further injury to my joints. My first class with Corrine was an eye opener. I told her about my injuries and she patiently showed me adjustments that I could make during class to reduce strain on my knees. Corrine is very knowledgeable about the body and how to improve flexibility while strengthening the most important muscles in the core. Her soothing voice and patient instruction have helped improve the control I have over the muscles in my body and my breathing. After only a few weeks of classes I could feel major differences in my posture, flexibility and core strength. I look forward each week to the times when I can get to a class and breathe away all of my stress and anxiety at Pilates by Corrine."

- Francesca DiFazio

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Amanda Ippolito