"I have been a Pilates student of Corrine Fuentes for about 4 months. Initially I sought help for lower back and right side neck pain. As a result, I have become free of neck and back pain and have more endurance for my job as a massage therapist.

I have been a bodyworker for 22 years and my job had changed my posture to the point of pain. Corrine helped me to realize that my neck pain was due to poor shoulder posture and ROM. Just in the short time I have been seeing her (only once a week), my posture in the upper back and shoulders has improved and my neck pain is gone. She taught me how to use my core for safe support during movement and this has remedied my back pain. I confidently refer my clients to her. 

Corrine can assess postural issues and use specific exercises to correct asymmetry and increase my body awareness. I always feel safe and she is receptive to questions and adjustments that may need to be made to accommodate what is going on for me on any given day. Her clear instructions and focused assessments make it easy for me to move from one exercise to the other.

I almost always feel taller, more aligned and have an ease of movement after every class. We continue to work on strength and awareness and I look forward to continuing my work with her."

- Clare Wargaski

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