Group Classes vs. Private Sessions

If you have contemplated trying Pilates and are not sure whether to take a group class or private session, here are some things to consider.

Private Sessions

Injuries: If you are recovering from an injury and are ready to start moving again, a private session is a wise choice. Your session will be focused exclusively on you. You will be assessed and instructed on how to stay stable and strong while moving. Your posture and alignment will be the focus so you can strengthen and balance while staying safe. You will be able to give immediate feedback as to what may or may not feel right, allowing for adjustments in both your alignment as well as your range of motion.

Illness: For many of the same reasons listed above, people recovering from illness choose private sessions. The session will be adjusted to your ability, with the goal of building on strength, length and posture.

Specific Goals: You may be training for an event such as a marathon or have another fitness-related goal. Private sessions will enable you to be specific as to what you need and how you want to be challenged, and a plan can then be developed to master the goals.

You Prefer One-On-One: Private sessions—with their many benefits—may simply be your preferred way to take classes.

Transition: People new to Pilates may like to start off by taking privates to receive individual attention while they're learning. They will then transition into group classes but more often than not, they will also have private sessions.

Group Classes

Overall Workout: Group classes are usually a great way to get a well-balanced, full-body workout.

Group Setting: Some may prefer working out with a group for various reasons, such as the social aspect, the encouragement and motivation of others in the class, or simply the enjoyment of attending with a friend.

Accountability: Seeing others on a regular basis encourages some to show up weekly when they may not have otherwise.

* * *

Whether you decide on private sessions or classes, a certified, professional, knowledgeable instructor is what will make your experience a positive one.

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