Meet Corrine

Corrine Fuentes has been teaching and training in the Pilates repertoire for over twelve years. Her focus is on conditioning bodies so you feel strong, energized and aligned. She has spent thousands of class time hours in both mat work and equipment training. Corrine studied and earned her certifications in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Body Harmonics Pilates Studios and Teacher Education.

Corrine holds a Mastery Level Post Rehabilitative Specialist Accreditation and is the North/East Cost Body Harmonics Teacher Training affiliate.

Body Harmonics is internationally acclaimed as a leader in the fields of Pilates, Functional Anatomy and Bio Mechanics, postural assessment and movement analysis. As a Body Harmonics-trained teacher, Corrine's emphasis is placed on respecting the body as an integrated system made up of interrelated parts.

A positive, unique approach to Pilates has enabled Corrine to help clients of all levels of fitness and ability. From beginner level to more advanced, clients of all ages leave the studio feeling a sense of power and stability from the core, mental and physical release, as well as a sense of being energized and centered.

Her goal is to provide a personalized exercise experience for every client. She understands the frustration of trying to put together a healthier lifestyle and will gently and patiently guide you in this endeavor. Optimal strength and movement are key to being at your best every day. Corrine will help you build that strength so you can feel and look your best.

Corrine is adamant about furthering her Pilates knowledge through continued education, which can be seen from her accreditations as well as her extensive class time hours.

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Corrine's Certifications

  • Body Harmonics Trained Pilates Specialist:
  • Matwork intensive - Foundations, Intermediate & Advanced - Matwork
  • Body Harmonics Trained Equipment Specialist:
  • Equipment Intensive - Foundations, Intermediate & Advanced - Reformer, Cadillac and Chair
  • Body Harmonics Master Level Accreditation - Trained Rehabilitation Specialist

Additional Body Harmonics Training

  • Core Dynamics
  • Neurophysiology of Pilates
  • Reformer Intensive
  • Cadillac and Chair Intensive
  • Post-Rehabilitative Protocols - Upper Limb
  • Post-Rehabilitative Protocols - Lower Limb
  • Post-Rehabilitative Protocols - Spine
  • Posture & Gait Analysis
  • Resistance Apparatus
  • Balance Apparatus
  • Client Assessment Protocols
  • Sacroiliac Joint: The Critical, Functional Link
  • Pilates for Golfers
  • Pain 101

Additional Training

Balanced Body Education

  • Pilates for Bone Health - Rebekah Rotstein
  • Using Muscle Energy Technique with Pilates - Madeline Black
  • Cardiolates on the Reformer with the JumpBoared - Katherine Corp
  • The Core has Arms - Elizabeth Larkam
  • Health Shoulders - Kelly Kane
  • Walking Understanding and Correcting Gait - Nancy Myers
  • Sacroiliac Function and Pilates Exercise Design - Karen Clippinger
  • Deep Core and Crossed Chain Muscle Activation - Ann McMillan
  • Skillful Cueing on the Reformer - Tom McCook
  • Enhancing Flexibility on the Mat - Ann McMillan