It's All About You!

Corrine Fuentes Pilates offers a unique approach to the Pilates repertoire. Based on years of experience and extensive certifications, Corrine's layered approach has helped many people feel centered and connected while working at a fitness level designed specifically for them. Corrine believes that "no pain, no gain" has no place in a professional Pilates studio. Instead, you will learn to listen to your body as you are professionally guided to use proper thought and movement mechanics, so that you can feel and do what’s best for you. The results are improved posture, breathing, balance, correct movement, and increased overall strength. Upon entering the class, you will realize that it's all about you. Her small group classes allow for individualized attention, so that you can be and feel your best every time.

For your convenience, Corrine can come to your location to train you. Whether in your home or at your place of work or school, you will get professional-quality Pilates training designed specifically for you.

The studio is located in Everittstown, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, with ample parking and easy access from Frenhctown, Milford, Pittstown, Clinton and Flemington. All classes are taught by Corrine.


Continuing Education Courses

Quality continuing education courses are what distinguish excellent instructors from good instructors. These courses allow you to better serve your existing clients while also bringing new clients to your business. If you are a fitness instructor or someone interested in learning body mechanics for your own knowledge, consider my upcoming courses. All courses meet PMA standards.

Client Testimonials

At 51 years old I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a class of any kind of fitness activity as much as I’m enjoying Corrine Fuentes’ Pilates classes.
— Lainey Johns
What a difference a good instructor with the proper training makes. Corrine explains clearly all the instruction. Her classes flow smoothly and the class varies from week to week so you never get into a boring routine.
— Kathryn Albanese
I felt the benefits almost immediately... Renewed energy and a significant release of the back strain accumulated over copious hours in front of a computer.
— Liz Beatty, Writer

Upcoming Classes